Premium English White Meat Makers

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Premium English White Meat Makers


Our English White Meat Makers are held to a Premium Standard. This is one of our top lines for the meat industry, Its been sold to large and small scale quail meat farms around the world. By doing so we have gained a wide knowledge of how the line preforms in certain weather environments, The hardynest of the bird, and the overall size of the bird. This is one of our oldest lines it was started on 03/09/2012. We have selectively bred these English White to become a Premium Meat Maker quail. This line hits a constant 18-21 oz bird at 10 weeks of age. You will receive a packet of information (5-55 pages) about this line if you decide to order so you can gain more knowledge on the line and it will help you produce the most meat per bird possible. 


Many large names in the quail industry have this line but its been a private line for over 8 years but we decided its time to let everyone have them. Egg production is decent lays a Jumbo size egg sometimes a little larger but this line is strictly for meat so no focus to egg production was put in. Stino Quail Farm helped a lot over the last few years to allow us to reach the 18-21 oz weight average. So thank you to everyone at Stino Quail for your help.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review