Jumbo White Hatching Eggs

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Product Overview

Jumbo Whites are one of our best duel purpose quail we have that is public. Jumbo Whites are really called Jumbo English as that is where they derive from.

Our Jumbo White line is one of our best sellers for many reasons! We take the birds out on a weekly basis and weigh all our breeders to make sure they are in the Jumbo Weight class. If they are not they are dispatched or they get sent to our standard whites that is private at the current moment as we are using standard whites to create a new line, ALL our Jumbo Whites are tested 3 times a month (All our production lines are) for common poultry illnesses. This line has blood from CA, US and Russia. Which is great as the customer that means new blood which is a great thing so you can not inbreed. 


These birds will produce eggs daily and seem to be never stressed. We have done testing with this line in a controlled lab setting. We purposely put the birds threw a TON of stressful events and they kept laying even with predators that may kill some of them they just keep laying!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review